~ WPP (Woven Polypropylene) ~

Tough and strong. Woven Polypropylene bags (WPP) are suitable for a wide range of uses. Many sizes and shapes are available directly from our stocks, or the bags can be imported to suit your requirements. They are made from virgin polypropylene materials and are recyclable.

Colquhoun’s can offer full container load shipments of printed bags delivered direct to your site, but if your storage space won’t allow this we can bring the shipment into our premises and supply them to you as required. If you don’t have the volume to order container load quantities, Colquhoun’s can supply bags to you from our warehouses and have them printed by us locally. All of our branches can print these bags and the maximum number of colours we can use is 4 on one or both sides of the bag.

WPP bags can be supplied in many colours other than the standard white. There are several variations on these bags including a gusseted bag, tucked bottom bag and the standard flat bag. All of these options are subtly different and our experienced staff can guide you through the selection process to ensure your requirements are met.

WPP bags can be UV stabilised to allow them a longer lifespan in the sunlight, they can have anti slip treatments and glue added to improve handling and stackability and we can supply different weaves and fabric weight to suit different uses.

In addition to a regular WPP bag, we also offer specialised bags for a variety of needs such as those listed below.

Gravure Printed WPP Bags (BOPP)

This is the latest technology in printing for WPP Bags. The process is a little different to the normal printing style where the images & words are printed directly on to the bag fabric. With the Gravure process, the images are printed onto a thin film of Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene (BOPP). The film is then laminated onto the WPP bag. The film can be supplied with either a gloss/shiny finish, or it can be done using a matt finish. There are pro’s & con’s for both styles which we can work through with you depending on your requirements. These bags can be offered in a tubular form where the film is laminated to the fabric on both sides, or in a bag which has been “back sealed”. This is where the bag has been laminated as a flat piece of fabric which is then glued back together on the back panel.

This style of printing allows customers to have photo quality images & designs on their packaging. It is especially useful where the bags will be competing with other products at point of sale. If you want to stand out from the crowd then this is the style of bag you need. Our staff have extensive experience with this product and will be able to advise you of the best way to maximise your packaging effect.

Laminated WPP Bags

Laminated WPP bags have a layer of extruded PP film applied to them. This gives the fabric a water resistance and is very handy when dealing with food grade products, offensive odours and fine powdery products which can sift through the weave on a normal bag. These bags can be supplied as either a tubular laminated bag or as a back sealed bag. The lamination layer can be on either the inside or the outside depending on your requirements. They can be supplied as flat bags, gusseted bags, tucked bottom bags, valve top with a square/block bottom, or open mouth with a square/block bottom.

Also available in this range are bags made from Multilayer materials. These are bags which have fabric made from a combination of 2 or more materials. The fabric could be Woven Polypropylene & Paper or Paper & Woven Polypropylene and a metalized film. There are many others which could be constructed based on the specific needs of a customer’s product.

Trashpacks / Garden Bags

These bags are made from Woven Polypropylene and are designed as a large bag for carrying anything from garden waste, lawn clippings, cardboard waste for recycling, aluminium cans and a wide variety of other uses. Cheap, reusable, tough & strong these bags are ideal when a larger package size is required.