~ Stockinette ~

Otherwise known as ‘Cheese Cloth’, this item is supplied predominantly to the abattoir industry. Stockinette is used for the packaging of cleaned & dressed meats on the bone. Colquhoun’s can supply in any length and several widths, suitable for lamb, mutton, goat, pig or beef. All of Colquhoun’s stockinette complies with the Australian Export Meats Orders standard, and we can offer this product either printed or plain. For exporting we can print in Arabic, Japanese, Korean and any other language that your export meats may require. All inks are food safe. We can also add tyvek tags to the bag for the abattoir workers to use for date or compliance stamps.

Stockinette also has other uses and we have customers who buy it to use as a filter cloth, polishing cloths, permeable or ventilated bags and we even have customers who wear it!! If you would like a quote on this versatile product please contact your nearest branch.