~ Recycling ~

Industry Waste Recovery

Here at Colquhoun’s we are committed to the environment and are always trying to optimize our products to not only comply with regulations but to ensure that they use the least amount of ingredients required to produce a quality product.
Nearly all of the items that we sell are recyclable and many are biodegradable as well.

Colquhoun’s have recently started working towards a product stewardship programme and have partnered with a recycling company to achieve this. Our aim is to have Woven Polypropylene packaging collected, sorted and graded before getting into landfill. The used packaging, once collected will then be reprocessed and turned back into polypropylene resin which is the raw material that the bags and packaging are made from. This PP resin will be used to create new products, ensuring that there is a full closed loop on this programme.

Industry Waste Recovery meets circular economy principles by recovering packaging…