Pallet Packaging

When you are an expert in bags & sacks it also pays to look at the products that most of our customers use in conjunction with our products. Colquhoun’s can supply high quality products that can be used to wrap and protect your precious cargo as follows:

Pallet Sheets

To protect your goods from the elements or even the splinters from a pallet, Colquhoun’s now offer a range of Pallet Sheets. Pallet Sheets are used for several purposes which are:

  • Protection from water, dirt or dust that may come from underneath your load during transport or storage
  • Protection from vermin
  • Stops splinters from rough pallets penetrating either bags or cartons, thus reducing contamination
  • Provides a flat base for stacking of your valuable product.

Pallet Sheets can be made from either corrugated board (with or without water resistance treatment) or from a single layer of heavy duty Kraft paper. We can even produce top & bottom “pallet trays” with an edge to keep your goods within the confines of a pallet. The latest addition to our range is a pallet ‘slip’ sheet which is perfect for using in the packing of goods into containers.

Stretch Wrap

Once your goods are stacked on to a pallet for either storage or transport it is wise to stretch wrap the pallet for added security and load retention. Stretch wrap provides a barrier from water, dirt & dust which may affect or contaminate your valuable product. It also increases the stability of your load on the pallets. Colquhoun’s supply either blown or cast wrap for both machine and handheld applications. Also available are the hand wrapper tools as well as sound advice and contacts for stretch wrapping machinery. Both machine rolls and hand rolls are packed into plain cartons to ensure every roll is clean and protected, ready to use.

Stretch Net

When standard stretch wrap causes your product to sweat in the hot Australian climate, you should consider switching to Colquhoun’s “Stretch Net”. Designed for machine and hand wrapping applications, Stretch Net will still hold your goods in place on the pallet and on transport but has the added benefit of allowing your product to breath and not cook or sweat. Great for pallets of vegetables and turf where keeping the moisture in your product is vitally important.

Top Sheets/Pallet Covers/Liners

Colquhoun’s imports and sources a wide range of Polythene products, in both high and low density. From top pallet covers sheets, plastic shrink bags to bin and bulk bag liners, as well as open mouth plastic bags. Valve Top/Bock Bottom LDPE bags are also sourced for large volume packers. Printing can also be accommodated subject to minimum production runs.

Top Cover Sheets: Clear or Black LDPE sheets on a roll, used to cover the top of your palletised goods. Keeping them dry and clean, ready to stretch wrap the four sides giving total protection to every pallet.

Pallet Shrink Bags: Various heights, widths and thickness available in LDPE, depending on your loading requirements. Strength and stability is what you will achieve from this product.

Bin and Bulk Bag Liners: Various heights, width and thickness available in LDPE. depending on what size bin of bulk bag you need to line.

Bag Liners: Open mouth liners can be produced in both LDPE and HDPE, to almost any size and any thickness you require. This product is always subject to minimum production requirements.