~ Hessian & Jute ~

Jute & hessian packaging was the dominant product prior to the advent of plastics. The jute plant from which the fibre is derived is 100% natural and 100% biodegradable. Colquhoun’s import & stock a range of bags and fabrics made from jute and we have been involved in this style of packaging for over 100 years. The jute fibre can have different colours from a very light beige through to brown. Some of the main uses for jute & hessian bags are for the packaging of potatoes, oysters, seed & grain, cotton, coffee and even sack races.

Hessian Bags

Hessian is a fabric which is produced from the Jute plant and can be made into bags. Generally, bags made from hessian are for bag weights of up to 30kg. Hessian bags can be printed by us locally, or we can import them pre-printed if the volume is sufficient. Whenever there is a flood you will see many of these being used as sandbags.

Our Hessian bags use 100% natural fibre and are 100% biodegradable, making them an environmentally friendly option. Our supplier has over 100 years’ experience making these bags, so we are sure we can arrange the right product for you.

Jute Sacks

The Jute Sack is made from heavier weight fabric and these bags tend to take heavier weights of product, generally up to 60kg. As with the hessian bag, we can print them here or import them pre-printed to suit customer requirements. They have many uses and are long lasting, but are still biodegradable and therefore an environmentally friendly option.

Colquhoun’s stock a large range of sizes for packing: potatoes, grain and a variety of other products. Jute Sacks also make great dog beds!

Hessian Cloth

Colquhoun’s stock a range of Hessian & Jute cloths which can be cut to specification by us or imported as a finished product. We carry various widths & lengths and these products are great as wrapping cloths, screening or hoarding and can also be used as a ground/soil stabilisation fabric.