~ FIBC (Bulk Bags) ~

Bulk Bags, otherwise known as FIBC’s (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), are perfect for use when straight bulk transport for your products is either not available or impractical, or when costs for using smaller woven polypropylene bags are prohibitive. These bags can come in various shapes and sizes and are tailored to suit specific customer requirements. Safe working loads from 500kg through to 3000kg can be achieved and bags can be sold as either single trip (designed to be filled once only) or as a multiple use item. All Colquhoun’s branches carry a large range of bags in stock and if we can’t supply you the right bag from these stocks we can import the correct items from our suppliers overseas. They are made from virgin polypropylene materials and are recyclable.

All Colquhoun’s bulk bags are manufactured under the ISO-9000 quality system which give our customers the confidence that they are buying a quality product that will not fail them. All bulk bags are tested and comply with the Australian standard AS-3668. Certificates of compliance are available on request from accredited testing houses and to ensure that we maintain our high standards. Random samples are regularly taken for in house testing during production. We only buy our bags from reputable suppliers and those that we do use would be classed as World leaders in this area. Colquhoun’s can supply bags rated for Dangerous Goods handling which we do on a regular basis. Dangerous Goods bulk bags require a more stringent testing regime and Colquhoun’s have substantial experience in this area. Food grade bags is another area we cover and our suppliers currently hold ISO 9001:2015 & FSSC 22000 SIO 9001-2015, FSSC22000 & BRC certification giving our customers confidence that the bags will be free of contamination and that their product’s integrity will be maintained. Copies of up to date certificates can be sent upon request.

There are many styles of Bulk Bags available and below are descriptions of the main types seen in the market today.

Single / Double Loop Bulk Bags

Single loop and double loop bulk bags are of a style where the lifting loop apparatus is actually part of the bag. There is no sewing on of extra appendages and this by its nature gives the bag an inherent strength. These are also the cheapest style of bags as there is no extra labour or parts required to make the bag functional.

4-Loop Bulk Bags

These are the most common type of bulk bags here in Australia. Generally square in shape they are usually designed to sit on pallets for transport or to be shipped in containers. There is quite a list of options for these bags and we can help you in the range to choose the bag that is right for you. Important things to think about with these bags are how you are going to fill the bag and how you would empty it. There are a number of designs for the top of the bag which will cater for filling by a chute or funnel attached to a hopper, through to bags being filled by a bobcat or front end loader. We can add discharging devices to the bottom of the bag if required.

Baffle Bulk Bags

There are many names for this style of bag, but essentially we are referring to a bulk bag which has internal ‘baffles’ to keep the sides straight once the bag is filled. This is especially important when using these bags in containers where space is an issue, or when dealing with very fluid products which tend to make the bag want to bend in the middle.

The unique feature of these bags is that a piece of fabric is sewn internally into the bag connecting the two perpendicular sides. This construction ensures that the sides of the bags do not bulge and adds stability to the package.

Dangerous Goods (UNDG) Bulk Bags

These bags can be of any type or construction (Single Loop/4 Loop). When these bags are required by a customer, we need to have them go through an extended number of tests to ensure that there is no chance of bag failure which would cause a dangerous product to be exposed to people or the environment. Some of the products that we have used these bags for are Sodium Cyanide, Lead Oxide Concentrate, Ammonium Nitrate and other dangerous chemicals. Colquhoun’s have a lot of expertise in this area and we can advise customers on the processes that are required to ensure that these bags are correctly certified.

Ventilated Bulk Bags

If your products require some airflow around them, then a Ventilated Bulk Bag may be the right product for you. Ventilated Bulk Bags use a different style of woven fabric which allows air to easily penetrate the fabric and to come in contact with your product. We currently sell two types of bags, one with ventilated stripes on all four body panels of the bag, and the second with ventilated stripes on two sides of the bag and a mesh material on the other two sides. The main users of Ventilated Bulk bags are growers of potatoes & onions and other vegetables.