~ Cardboard Cartons ~

Ideal for packaging all sorts of products, our cartons can be tailor made to suit just about any application. Whether it be food products, wine and beer, archive boxes or fruit & vegetables, Colquhoun’s can supply a carton that will satisfy your needs. Our cartons can be plain or printed, using either a flexographic or a process print, and can have a variety of treatments applied to them to suit individual requirements.

Some of these treatments include:

  • Wax dipping for total water proof cartons
  • Oil treatment for water resistant cartons
  • Anti-slip coatings
  • Varnish treatment to achieve a high gloss finish

Some of the different types of cartons we can supply are as follows. All liner and board weights are possible.

  • Regular Slotted Containers (RSC)
  • Die-cut Cartons with double glue construction & self-erecting
  • Single wall ( A,B,C, E, F Flutes ) Double wall ( AC, AB & BC Flute )
  • White & Natural Kraft Liners
  • Coated Duplex Board with up to four colour printing laminated cartons for high impact packaging
  • Special corrugated cartons and Corrugated Sheet with wax coating or metallized BOPP / PET Film lamination for packaging of frozen products
  • Open Top cartons with lids for Bread & Meat packaging
  • Telescopic Cartons for Fruit Packaging
  • Full overlap wrap-around cartons for automatic packaging machines
  • Heavy Duty Chip Board Cartons
  • Octobins for up to a 1 tonne payload.