Alexander Colquhoun & Son is a 5th generation company that in 2018 is 130 years old. Owned since inception and still to this day by the Colquhoun family, we are proudly 100% Australian owned and operated. Colquhoun’s have 4 branches around Australia located in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney. We have dedicated account managers in each of these branches as well as in Melbourne and Toowoomba with a full-time consultant in Tasmania. Colquhoun’s have staff to cover all of Australia, as well as Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands.

“With over 130 years of experience, Colquhoun’s is a specialist bag & sack supplier working with primary industry to deliver quality packaging solutions that our customers can rely on and trust.”

We use the knowledge & experience we’ve developed over the past century to support our customers to make better buying decisions, become more efficient in their use of packaging, and ultimately improve their bottom line. We do this by offering quality products at competitive prices that can be trusted to do the job when it matters most.

All Colquhoun’s branches have achieved ISO-9001:2015 compliance & certification. We are audited both internally and externally on a regular basis to ensure we are maintaining our high-quality standards. We have highly experienced staff on our team who are experts in our industry. With over 550 years of combined experience within the company, we will have seen it before, we will have heard of it before and we will have gone through it before. In saying this, we are also continually learning and upgrading our skill set to allow us to move with the times and ensure we are providing the utmost value to our customers and prospective customers.

Colquhoun’s are proud supporters of industry associations. We firmly believe in being active members of the associations that we are part of rather than just paying the membership fee to be seen. Currently we are members of the following associations:

  • AFIBCA – Australian Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association
  • ASF – Australian Seed Federation (current silver sponsor)
  • SFMCA – Stockfeed manufacturers Council of Australia
  • Onions Australia
  • Printing Industries Association

Colquhoun’s import products from a variety of countries around the world. We are constantly working with our class leading suppliers to improve our offering and to identify new items that will enhance our customers businesses. We also offer printing and manufacturing in Australia and we are proud to support Australian industry and jobs. We are not just traders and we have a substantial local presence around the country.

Proudly Supporting…